About us

Led by Stephane Corbic who trained as a cabinet maker and Sebastien Ramseyer, Architect, we are a team of craftspeople rather than businessmen and we care deeply about what we design and make.

For that reason we decided in early 2016 to unite our efforts in producing limited-edition numbered pieces, regardless of cost, in order to craft exquisite, sensual and completely original pieces.

As with all craft-made numbered pieces, the love of our craftsmen is imbued in each piece we make, which is what makes them so desirable and unique.

Designed in Paris, our beautifully made limited-edition furniture collection is crafted in our own workshop right outside of Paris, from sustainably sourced French timber.


We are a design-led enterprise, we do not care for fashion or trends, nor do we aspire to be a large company.

From the start we decided to limit the quantity of pieces we would make and craft them on an almost bespoke basis.

Inspired by the Modernist Movement and the Great Architects of the late Twentieth Century, Our furniture is rationally designed for lasting beauty and value. The basis for the designs was to combine the inspiration from the 20 th Century Greats with the tradition of woodworking craftsmanship.

All of our designs went through extensive research, through sketches, mock-ups, full CAD drawing and prototyping, to the completed design.


We have a wide experience and knowledge of different materials and traditional techniques and work with the highest quality materials. Our first Collection is very dependent on the finest French Oak. We work with the finest Local suppliers and bring in the raw wood from which we produce the finished product. We are used to working with the Finest lacquerers and metalworking suppliers who provide us with their expertise and knowledge. We are in control of the crafting process of every piece, so each is both unique and made to exacting standards.

Highly trained and skilled Craftsmen: Our team.

Our crew are highly trained craftsmen, most of them started at a young age and apprenticed in-house in Stephane’s workshop.

As they gain experience, they in turn mentor our new recruits thus guaranteeing shared values and a consistent way of working. This in turn ensures that every piece is beautifully made to our exacting and consistent standards.